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We know mental health is political. Our work is rooted in decolonizing therapy and promoting social justice.

Papalotl Therapy provides equitable Mental Health care to the Latinx/Latine and BIPOC community in Texas, focusing on cultural strengths and ancestral healing. Our purpose is to create safe spaces for immigrants and people of the  LGBTQIA+ community.

About  Papalotl  Therapy

Nury Márquez is a bilingual licensed Clinical Social Worker located in Dallas, Texas, with a focus on trauma-informed therapy and expertise in EMDR.


She is dedicated to supporting the Latinx/Latiné and BIPOC communities in their journey towards healing and growth, leveraging cultural strengths and empowerment. Passionate about education and advocacy, Nury believes in the transformative power individuals hold within their healing process and their potential to shape a more equitable future for generations to come. As a proud bilingual Latina Therapist, she advocates tirelessly for accessible and inclusive mental health care for Latinx individuals across the United States.

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Healing is collective.
Empowering the Latinx/Latiné and BIPOC communities in Texas through accessible and inclusive mental health care, fostering equity, resilience, and holistic well-being.
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