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Papalotl offers individual and family psychotherapy to children, adolescent and adult patients in both Spanish and English. In-person and virtual appointments available. All services are SELF PAY ONLY (no medical insurance).

Individual Therapy

45 Minutes


Family Therapy

60 Minutes


Individual Assessment

45 Minutes


Gender Affirmative and Supportive Surgery Evaluation ONLY

4-6 Individual Sessions

Standard Rate

Sliding scale slots are available and limited, based on brief income assessment. **Please inquire during consultation call**

Papalotl offers individual and family psychotherapy to children, adolescent and adult patients in both Spanish and English. In-person and virtual appointments available. All services are SELF PAY ONLY (no medical insurance).

  • 45 Minutes, $200

    One on one supportive confidential conversations with licensed therapist; focused on individual growth, connection, healing and overall wellness.

  • 60 Minutes, $250

    Supportive confidential conversations with family (up to 3 members) and a licensed therapist; focused on family dynamics/ improving communication, family growth, connection, healing and overall wellness.

  • 4-6 Individual Sessions, Standard Rate

    One on one confidential conversations with licensed therapist; focused on Gender Affirmative Supportive Care to empower clients in their goals of physical and emotional growth as they transition to the best version of themselves by providing access to documentation needed for medical procedures, name and gender marker updates on legal documentation based on client’s needs.

  • 4 supervision hours per month, $300

    Offering Individual and group clinical supervision for LMSWs in Texas aiming to achieve their clinical license. Supervision is conducted in both Spanish and English, with a focus on decolonizing mental health practices, fostering cultural connections, and promoting equitable mental health support that meets the needs of BIPOC communities. We empower social workers to cultivate confidence in their expertise and to develop their unique clinical practice approach by learning what we did not learn in grad school.

  • Enquiries by email or phone

    Curated conversations guided by bilingual trauma therapists focus on mental health, generational healing, lifestyle, holistic health, burnout, imposter syndrome, Latinas in corporate America, migration, healthy boundaries with Latino families and other related topics. Available for keynote, moderator speaking engagements, panels, workshops, consultations, private circles, virtual events/ lectures, podcasts, influencer collaborations and more. Expertise in facilitating meaningful discussions that empower audiences and drive impactful change.

  • Enquiries by email or phone

    Cultural competency trainings are tailored for professionals, businesses, and corporate settings. These sessions are designed to enhance awareness and knowledge surrounding cultural competency, inclusion, diversity, and respect within the workplace. Through interactive conversations and practical insights, participants gain valuable skills to foster a more inclusive and respectful work environment.

  • Enquiries by email or phone

    Continuing education trainings for mental health professionals are essential for knowing the trends and latest research for practice and ethical guidelines in the field. These trainings provide opportunities for professionals to expand their knowledge, refine their skills, and earn continuing education credits required for maintaining licensure and certifications. Trainings cover a wide range of topics focused on decolonizing mental health, learning ways to incorporate new therapeutic techniques, cultural competency, legal and ethical considerations to clinical practice, and emerging trends in mental health care.

  • 1 Hour, $25 - (Sliding scale options available)

    Clinical case consultation with a bilingual, EMDR certified therapist, backed by 10 years of experience specializing in cultural, ethnic, and gender diverse populations, offers invaluable support for mental health professionals seeking to enhance their clinical practice. Therapists can receive expert guidance and insights tailored to the unique challenges and considerations of diverse client demographics; including culturally sensitive approaches, nuanced understanding of intersectional identities, and effective application of EMDR therapy techniques with adults and children.


  • Gender ASSET (Gender Affirmative and Supportive Surgery Evaluation)

  • Creative Therapy Techniques 

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Culturally Sensitive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR Therapy) 

  • Logotherapy 

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) 

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)


  • Connecting with the Self / Personal Growth

  • Trauma: children, teens and Adults

  • Gender Identity + Transitioning 


  • Gender affirming practices

  • Post-Abortion Mental Health support 

  • Generational Trauma

  • Depression

  • Anxiety 

  • PTSD

  • Ancestral Connection

  • Immigration

  • Racial Trauma


  • Sexual Health

  • Substance Use

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